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Dynasty Wars

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Dynasty Online is a Free To Play MMORPG where players fight for $DYNASTY, the world of Unnara's native currency. All in-game items are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

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The world of Unnara

Four factions rule each of their respective territories. A lawless territory, infested with outlaws is known as the wilderness and lays in the east of Unnara.

Dynasty Wars



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Step into the fierce and breathtaking realm of the north! Amidst the perilous wilderness lies the mighty Jarldom of Sveda. Here, Unnara's most elite warriors and master sailors are forged. Do you have what it takes to join their ranks and conquer the seas? Dive in, embrace the adventure, and become legendary!

No longer bound by the shackles of cooperation, they are free to wreak havoc on the world.

Unearth the secrets of the southwest, just beyond the shimmering spires of the Golden City! The Zaos, rising from the ashes of the fallen Empire of Unnara, have crowned a powerful new emperor. Unified and burning with purpose, they stand ready to defy any challenger.

Do you have the courage to fight for the might of the Zaos and etch your own legacy?

Embark on a timeless journey with the Rhodeans! Perched atop majestic mountains, their ancient cities cast a watchful eye over the gleaming Golden City. Descended from a proud lineage of monarchs and knights, the Rhodeans now stand on the brink of destiny, their hearts aflame with ambition. Are you ready to delve into their rich history and shape the future?

Rise, champion, and let the Rhodean saga become your own!

Unveil the allure of the Andal Sultanate! In the heart of the mesmerizing landscape, the illustrious city of Qahar stands, radiating wealth and power that rivals yearn for. With thriving trade hubs that are the envy of the realm, the Andals have etched a legacy of opulence. But be warned, challengers! To reach their golden gates, you must first brave the treacherous sands of the vast Alzahar desert.

Are you prepared for the ultimate test of skill and strategy? Join the quest and carve your path to glory!

Dive into the vibrant life of an everyday Unnaran! From the bustling city squares to serene country lanes, whether affluent elite or humble folk, you'll live their tales of hope, heartache, and ambition. As you wander the vast expanses of Unnara, adventure awaits around every corner. But tread carefully, for the wilderness holds secrets that only the bravest dare confront. Are you the hero they've been waiting for? Immerse yourself in an epic PvE journey, brimming with quests and mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Embrace the adventure; the citizens of Unnara beckon!

For those loyal only to themselves and gold. Enter the ruthless world of the Outlaws! Living by no code but their own, they thrive on the thrill of the ambush, ready to strike down any faction or player group that dares cross their path. Greed drives them, and the allure of loot fuels their might. While they may seem like mere rogues at first, when they swarm united, even the mightiest of Unnara's factions should think twice. Do you have the mettle to join their ranks or will you become their next prize?

Embrace the adrenaline, pick your side, and shape your fate in a land where trust is a luxury and treachery a game. Unleash your inner outlaw!


This is your chance. Forge your alliance.

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